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Genuine TTS Pellet Sizer

Genuine TTS Pellet Sizer

Precision turned from solid brass, these pellets sizers force the pellet through a reamed taper, ensuring every pellet is exactly the same size, reducing group sizes and eliminating “flyers” in the field. Needless to say, the sizer will only reduce pellet size. Putting 4.51mm pellets through a 4.53mm sizer will have no effect.


Available now for:

.177 sizes;  4.48mm, 4.50mm, 4.52mm and 4.53mm

.20 size;  5.08mm

.22 sizes; 5.50mm, 5.51mm and 5.52mm 

.25 sizes;  6.34mm, 6.35mm and 6.36mm

.30 sizes;  7.62mm and 7.63mm

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