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Weihrauch HW30 TbT Tuning Kits

Weihrauch HW30 TbT Tuning Kits

Weihrauch HW30/Beeman R7 TbT Standard Tuning/Guide Set - £25.95


Delrin spring guide with a top hat, slip washer and 2 preload washers. This kit also comes with Lithium based Molybdenum Disulphide grease and abrasive paper as well as instructions for fitting kit


Weihrauch HW30/Beeman R7 MAXI PLUS Kit - £45.95


All the benefits of a standard TbT HW30 kit, but fitted to the supplied genuine Weihrauch Spring. For superb results this kit also contains a pot of Bum-Slide – our high moly paste.


Both kits are available from stock


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